Health Articles | Alternative Health | Healthy Times Newspaper Archives Thu, 12 May 2011 03:57:18 +0000 en hourly 1 Hydroxycut Testimonials and Free Offer Thu, 12 May 2011 03:57:18 +0000 admin Hydroxycut is perhaps the most popular diet and weight loss supplement on the market today. The manufacturers have done a stupendous job branding this weight loss product, as there is not shortage of Hydroxycut testimonials! Does it work? Should we believe all the hype? Here is my response by way of personally compiled reviews, results and testimonials.

Yes, we should consider the hype. I have known many people who have gotten great weight loss results with Hydroxycut and qualify in my book to offer non-compensated reviews and testimonials. On the other hand, I also know that, for whatever reason, Hydroxycut doesn’t work for everyone. And for some, the side effects make it an untenable option. Nothing does, by the way.

Before we get into the Hydroxycut testimonials, you should be reminded that you will have to try Hydroxycut for yourself in order to determine it’s effectiveness in your body. So, read the results and testimonials below with that qualifier in mind and a degree of skepticism for good measure.

Appetite suppression is very noticeable with the new version of Hydroxycut. Warning: do NOT believe your stomach while taking this. I have noticed such a decrease in appetite that I forget to eat…

I get the jitters a bit on Hydroxycut, but it is WORTH IT! On a non-Hydroxycut day, I eat twice as much and cannot even help myself. I am starting to see muscles again!

I’m 5′ 7″ and I was about 195 pounds. I started this product to jump start my weight loss. I started working out in January, now the middle of March I’m 179. I need to drop another 20 pounds before May. I have to say that the scale really doesn’t show much, but my clothes are hanging on me.

A long-time user of Hydroxycut I implore you to proceed with caution. You will definitely get results, but you may risk serious side effects. The first time I took Hydroxycut I had lost 20 lbs in a month. In spite of the weight loss I had headaches often, maybe twice a week and my heart would flutter during times where I’m at rest. I’ve also had hives. Again, the weight is coming off, but the side effects, for me, are for real.

I am on my first week of taking Hydroxycut. I had been taking Oxy Elite Pro and that did nothing for me. This week it looks like I have lost five pounds already. I have not changed anything else in my routine. I work out four days a week, and watch what I eat. I had been on a plateau for about a month, and I was looking for something to help jumpstart my weight loss. Hopefully this is it.

For more information and a free offer from Hydroxycut, click the link below:

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The Lemonade Diet: Lose up to 17 Pounds in 14 days Thu, 12 May 2011 03:56:06 +0000 admin I needed to slim down fast because I had a Disney Cruise planned for the following month. I was in desperate need of losing a few pounds quickly and easily. Plus I knew I would be gaining a little weight on the cruise so I needed to get ahead of it.

I’ve tried a lemonade diet before and knew they worked so I started looking for one that was less hassle. less expensive and would let me eat while I was on it but still allow me to lose weight quickly. The other lemonade diet required me to basically fast (not eat ANY food), with the exception of drinking tons of the lemonade mixture– talk about hard!

I had remembered seeing another lemonade diet on TV that looked pretty good so I Googled it. When I found it I was really excited because it was cheaper and easier than I thought it would be. The whole lemonade diet is put in pill form, which makes it easier to function in the real world. What a pain it is to try to juice 20 lemons each morning, afternoon and evening! To buy all those lemons, plus the grade A maple syrup is NOT cheap. On top of that you have to take a bunch of pills. It gets really expensive. So I was very happy when I found this program.

The reason why a lemonade diet works is because lemons are a wonderful detoxifier and help the liver and kidneys detoxify naturally. Cayenne pepper works as a roto-rooter for your cells plus, I’ve heard, speeds up your metabolism. It also help digestion and clears out the bowels. Maple syrup is loaded with natural occurring minerals and B vitamins. It provides the natural carbs to keep you going since it’s full of energy and nutrients. I was confident in the ingredients in the product. It has a combination of a Lemonade Complex, Metabolic Complex and a Detoxification Complex. They ingredients are the same as the original Master Cleanse, but they added a few additional natural ingredients to enhance the detox and weight loss effect.

In addition to weight loss, I also experienced increased energy and feel healthier in general. I am always bummed when the 14 days are over. I want to keep losing weight! I also like that it makes it easier to plan my meals and stay on track. My skin looked really good too. It seems more smooth and fresh.

Since the cruise, I use this lemonade diet for 14 days every 2-3 months just keep my weight in check. Then, I can splurge a little with food once in a while without feeling like I’m going to pay for it forever. It really makes weight loss so much easier.

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose a little weight or speed up their weight loss. I works really well and is good for your body, unlike other fast weight loss programs. To see the offer I ordered, click here.

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OxyElite Pro Side Effects Thu, 12 May 2011 03:55:07 +0000 admin Oxyelite Pro is the latest rage among dieters and those who would lose weight. In general, Oxyelite Pro gets great reviews, with many users claiming that there is nothing quite as effective to increase metabolism and decrease appetite. What are some of the common side effects of this great new supplement? Here is a list, based on my personal experience:

• Queasiness. When I take it, within a few minutes I begin to feel a mild queasiness – like butterflies in my belly.

• Anxiety. Along with the butterflies comes a feeling of general anxiety – mild – as if something may be amiss. It isn’t comfortable, but I take it with a grain of salt – or as evidence that Oxyelite is taking effect.

• Energy. I feel like dancing around and do so, literally, due to the increased tension and energy. Please don’t think I’m a fairy. I’m only kidding. The energy increase is unmistakable, though!

• Mild sweating – more than usual. This one is the toughest of all. I actually don’t like to take Oxyelite Pro when I have to be social, for fear of breaking out in cold sweats in front of people, but I am prone to social anxiety anyway, so this may just be me.

• Adrenal concerns. This is why they recommend you NOT take it for more than six weeks – tough on the adrenal glands.

And, of course, the best Oxyelite Pro side effect of all – the one that makes it all worthwhile: NO APPETITE! Especially for carbs. I cannot explain it, but the ingredients in Oxyelite Pro eliminate my voracious appetite. My food intake is cut naturally in HALF. I do NOT like the other side effects at all, but continue to put up with them because NOTHING has ever taken away my appetite like this supplement. I simply do not WANT the loads of food I am accustomed to eating. When I stop taking my daily dose – well – the cravings return immediately.

Should you take Oxyelite Pro given the side effects? Under what circumstances? Some advice:

• Consult your physician

• Count the cost. Which is worse? Killer appetite and obesity or the unpleasant side effects (if, like me, you have them)


• Stop taking Oxyelite Pro immediately if the side effects make you feel too uncomfortable

• Change up your supplements as to keep you body guessing, not adapting

• Check out the reviews on Amazon:

USP Labs Oxy Elite Pro, 90-capsule

This is just another review by a layman with personal experience. Take this with a grain of salt…and GOOD LUCK with your weight loss goals! As an afterthought, you might want to check out the most successful weight loss program I know. It’s a totally goofy website! I actually don’t understand how they manage to be taken seriously, but the weight loss results are amazing. Check out Fat Burning Furnace: Click Here!

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USP Labs Jack3d Reviews Thu, 12 May 2011 03:54:19 +0000 admin Jack3d reviews: Honest positive and negative reviews by USP Labs Jack3d users. Review Jack3d results, side effects and honest evaluations of this supplement that is made by USP Labs. This article is NOT an endorsement of USP Labs or Jack3d.

No supplement is guaranteed to produce the advertised effects. The ONLY way to know for sure if Jack3d will work for you is to try it for yourself. The good news is that, while you risk your hard earned money with little or no chance of a refund, you will know on the first dose whether or not Jack3d delivers on its promise of more energy, focus and pump.

This Jack3d Review is based on USP Labs Jack3d Fruit Punch, 250-gram Tub

The risk is that you will suffer some of the infamous Jack3d side effects, such as a stomachache, anxiety, and tingling or burning sensations on your skin. Worst of all – you may suffer the Jack3d side effects and get zero benefits for your workout! Some users have reported no Jack3d adverse side effects, yet no positive results either!

The reviews coming in are overwhelmingly positive, although I have given equal time to both positive and negative reviews in this report. USP Labs seems to have nailed yet another awesome fitness formula. Individual exceptions are not uncommon, however. Read the following Jack3d reviews from real, uncompensated users and decide for yourself whether or not to try Jack3d for yourself.

Jack3d Positive Reviews

• The effects are totally unique, I have only used it 5-6 times so far and have built up no tolerance. Very shortly after drinking it, I get a tingly feeling starting in my face and then my entire upper body. I liken it to your foot falling asleep. It’s not all that comfortable, but you really feel like the product is working and this effect only lasts 20 minutes or so. Then, I start to feel ENERGY, which is nearly euphoric and doesn’t wear off for hours and causes no crash. Jack3d is the BEST supplement I have ever taken.

• The pump I get from Jack3d is the best pump ever – nothing compares to it!

• I am a hard gainer and have put on three pounds since using Jack3d during the last month. I haven’t been tested recently, but I know the weight gain is not from fat. I have changed my diet a bit, but I have made such changes in the past with no muscle gain, so I have to assume it is the Jack3d working for me.

• No-Explode by BSN doesn’t compare to USP Labs Jack3d. The energy and pump I get from my workouts now are unsurpassed. I have no reason to promote Jack3d or write this review other than simply to say THANK YOU to USP Labs for another killer supplement. It is working and the side effects (some temporary anxiety that works itself out in the gym) are minimal Jack3d actually tastes good, too.

Jack3d Negative Reviews

• I’ve used a lot of pre-workout supplements and Jack3d is by far the worst. It just wasn’t for me. I got a super odd side effect – creepy crawly burning tingling sensations on my skin, which made the whole thing pointless. I don’t care how effective Jack3d is. It isn’t worth the side effects. It might work for others but for me it was a total waste of money.

• I think USP Labs is a total scam and they engage in false advertising. The only thing Jack3d gave me was a bellyache.

• I was shopping around for a product to give me an extra edge and some much needed energy in my workouts and decided to try Jack3d. A friend of mine swears by it and has even put on a fair amount of muscle using it, but for me it did nothing. I mean NOTHING. I would have been happy just to get on of the side effects that people talk about! At least I would have known it was working. But, nothing happened at all. I might as well have been drinking straight water.

• My bottom line on Jack3d is that it just made me feel tingly, but didn’t make my muscles grow or give me any pump. I wonder if it’s a placebo.

Send in YOUR Jack3d Reviews

At the risk of sounding repetitive, the ONLY way you will know is to take the risk and try it for yourself. Then, send your personal Jack3d reviews to

USP Labs Jack3d Fruit Punch, 250-gram Tub is sold at Amazon. Always consult a knowledgeable doctor before taking supplements.

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Finally, a Toenail Fungus Cure- Zeta Clear! Thu, 12 May 2011 03:52:36 +0000 admin A Product Review by Claudette Penny

Dealing with toenail fungus has been a life-long challenge for me. I have always felt embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes or have my husband see my feet. As an adult, I have had to resort to regular pedicures to cover it up, only to make it worse in the long run. Now you can understand why I was so relieved to finally find this product.

I had tried all sorts of so-called cures for my toenail fungus. I’ve tried everything from over-the-counter fungicide to ridding myself of yeast through a candida-free diet. Even as a child, my mother thought it was related to playing with toads so I had to get rid of my first pet. Now to find out, 43 years later, that there is such a simple and natural cure!

Zeta Clear is a homeopathic 2-step program, a homeopathic spray and a clear nail solution. You can see the ingredient list here.

Thank you Zeta Clear for giving me my beautiful feet back!

Because it is homeopathic, you will want to make sure to get it from the company itself. You can order it from them direct – click here.

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How to Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise Thu, 12 May 2011 03:49:37 +0000 admin It is very possible to lose belly fat and weight without exercise (although its still good for you), and you do not have to follow a strict diet. This is a special diet that improves the body’s digestive system and forces it to burn a lot of fat quickly. The foods you eat during this process (2 weeks) are the same foods you enjoy eating, excluding fast foods. By following the guidelines below you will make your body burn tons of belly fat and lose weight quickly.

First you have to eat during the same times everyday. This has to continue for at least 2 weeks which will make body get used to digesting foods at certain times. The body is amazing at adapting itself to changes and if the body knows when to expect food then it will digest it better thus allowing your metabolism to increase. Again this trains the body to work like a machine that will NOT FALTER. If you eat during random periods of the day the body is not used to digesting foods and can be overwhelmed with other problems. The key is to let your body focus primarily on one function (digestion). The better its focus, the better it digests!

Second, it is extremely important that you eat MORE than 3 FULL meals a day. These meals can consist of your favorite foods too excluding fast foods once again. This method sounds strange but works in the opposite way of what most people may think. Eating more than 3 FULL meals a day allows the body to process foods as a whole which is key. This allows the body to complete digestion in one procedure. The result is faster metabolism and faster fat burn.

You see many of today’s foods are very processed and are very difficult for the body to digest. Because this is evident, when people eat, they have a high probability of not digesting fully. This is one of the main reasons why so many people are constipated and bloated.

Think of your digestive system as a clogged drain. It used to be unclogged but you kept pouring sticky substances into it (Your digested food) and some of it would stick and not go through the pipe. As you kept pouring more sticky substances, some of it would get stuck to to the older substances that dried up and increase the mass, clogging the drain even more. That is one of the main causes in weight gain. It also slows down metabolism and increases belly fat. Thus your digestive system is clogged and needs to be unclogged!

Again you can fix that problem by eating more than 3 times a day which will help the food being digested to remove older undigested foods in your body. When you eat a full meal it passes through your intestinal tract and scrapes away old undigested food. This will clean up your digestive system, improve metabolism, and burn a lot of fat at the same time! This technique works wonders!

By Vitaliy Gershfeld

And by combining a fixed schedule into this method, consuming more than 3 full meals a day when implemented correctly helps the body work on automatic pilot and burn tons of fat! However this method’s potential can be multiplied 5 times by a special technique called calorie shifting. With it you can burn an enormous amount of fat, thus losing a lot of weight very quickly!

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How To Lose 25 Pounds Fast Thu, 12 May 2011 03:48:43 +0000 admin Let me start by saying that you can lose 25 pounds and even more just by following a healthy lifestyle, exercising more, and keeping a sensible diet. However, I would like to suggest a diet method which can help you to do it faster.

I’m referring to the Calorie Shifting method which has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years. By using a Calorie Shifting method based diet (and there are currently 2 such diets on the market) you can avoid the biggest hurdle of most diets: the slowing metabolism.

Most diets are basically based on depriving your body of either calories or a specific food group like fat or carbs. Either of these things can lead to an initial weight loss, but can also slow your metabolism down considerably so that you’ll see a gradual decline in your weight loss rate, and may even gain it all back when you quit dieting. This is vitally important since I’m sure you won’t be satisfied with just losing 25 pounds, you’ll want to avoid gaining them back ever again. This is done by constantly shifting your calories to produce a metabolic maintenance state. I know it sounds a bit scientific, but it just works.

The 2 Calorie shifting diets on the market today are called Fat Loss 4 Idiots and Yay Food. You can read a detailed comparison of the 2 on this webpage: Calorie Shifting Diet Review

Each of the 2 diets has its own pros and cons. Fat Loss 4 Idiots has the longer and more proven track record. It can help you to lose 25 lbs fast. However, Yay food can also provide you with the jump start and guidance that you need.

Can you lose 25 pounds in a month with either of these 2 diets? The answer is that it’s different for each person. Some may lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks, some may lose 25 lbs in 2 months. A month seems to me to be a little unrealistic, but even if takes twice as long this is still a great weight loss rate.

I personally know of many people who used Fat Loss 4 Idiots with great success. I believe that it can also help you to lose 25 pounds fast.

Diet Plans To Lose 25 Pounds
There are so many diet plans to lose 25 pounds that fail. I am about to give you a quick overview of a diet that will help you lose 25 pounds pretty quickly. Not only that its in a healthy manner and if you keep doing it you can lose even more. This article might not be the most well written, but if you follow it you will lose weight .

-Eat oatmeal every other morning along with one fruit of your choice. On the other morning you should eat a small bowl of cereal or some lean chicken/fruits. Make sure you do not exceed 550 calories for this small meal.

-Eat a small meal of around 350 calories around noon that consist of mainly lean meats, fruits, vegetables or whole grains. Stay away from all fast food as well as any other fattening foods like pizza, fried chicken etc.

-Eat another meal thats around 300 calories around 3 pm in the afternoon. This meal will consist of perhaps some brown rice, lean meat and some yogurt. Just make sure you keep the calories right around 300-350. Many diet plans to lose 25 pounds tell you to eat less, but if you keep the calories low it actually raises the metabolism and helps you burn more fat.

-Eat your last meal of the day at around 7:30 pm and make it around 400 calories. Again this should consist of lean meats, fruits and veggies.

Keep in mind its ok if you slip up say once every two days, you will also need to increase your exercise of course. Run around a half mile to mile per day for 5 days a week.

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10 Tips For Fast Weight Loss Thu, 12 May 2011 03:47:55 +0000 admin Losing weight can be a challenge, especially if you have many pounds to shed. It can be difficult to sift through all the fad diets, and downright dangerous supplements and pills on the market today. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? Whom should you believe?

Here are 10 no-nonsense tips for fast, healthy weight loss :

1) Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day – this helps flush your body of impurities and fat. You can also substitute a few glasses of water for green or herbal tea.
2) Break up your meals into 5 or 6 smaller ones – this will help speed up your metabolism and keep you from getting too hungry in between meals.
3) Increase your fruit and vegetable intake – these are packed with vitamins.
4) Decrease your fat intake – try for no more than 20 grams per day.
5) Exercise for 30 minutes each day – take a walk, or play a game with your kids. Just get moving.
6) Find a hobby – take up knitting or painting to keep your hands busy.
7) Don’t eat that late night snack – Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before going to bed.
Listen to your body – your body will tell you when it is full, hungry, stressed, tired. Learn the signs and obey what your body is telling you.
9) Increase your fiber – choose whole grain pasta and bread.
10) Cleanse and detoxify – this may be the most important. Rid your body of harmful toxins and chemicals, while allowing it to function normally.

Cleansing is an important part of long-term weight loss success. Our bodies are laden with insecticides, pesticides, lead, and dozens of other harmful substances. These chemicals clog our internal organs and our bodies respond by coating these chemicals with layers of fat.

One way to cleanse your body of harmful impurities is by using Acai Berry. This fruit is a nutritional powerhouse and will get your body functioning normally again, so it can fight illness and disease. It will also allow your body to burn calories and fat faster and more efficiently. You will see a faster rate of weight loss, and you will be able to keep it off.

Acai berry has many health benefits as well, including increased circulation, increased metabolism, and increased mental clarity and focus.

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To Don’t List: 8 Overrated Health Fads Thu, 12 May 2011 03:46:29 +0000 admin Overrated and over the top
By Jancee Dunn
From Health magazine
Overrated: to rate, value, or estimate too highly.

Everyone has secrets to getting healthy, staying thin and looking great. However, some of the time this advise doesn’t actually live up to the hype. Here’s what you can skip.
Next: Doing an

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Boost Your Mood With These Foods Thu, 12 May 2011 03:46:10 +0000 admin Naturally happy
By Tiffany Melanis
Enjoying decadent stuff isn’t the only way to snack away the blues. Many healthy eats do the trick, too, says John La Puma, MD, author of Chef MD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine.
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